Award Winning Composers - Custom Music

We provide you with original custom tracks for the same price as library music

We are a group of award winning composers and producers

Collectively we have been honoured with Emmy, Gemini, and ASCAP awards

We compose all new tracks for your project to put you ahead of other productions that have been sharing the same library music for years

Our Music can be heard on:

Survivor, The Voice, NCIS, CSI Miami, The Bachelor, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, America’s Got Talent, Property Brothers and many more

We work with you to produce a unique sound tailored to your project – one that your audience will remember

We save editors and producers from having to listen through thousands of library tracks to find the right one

Our team can deliver a large number of tracks quickly to meet tight deadlines

Check out our music...

Listen to Orchestral/Cinematic
Listen to Rock/Indie/Modern
Listen to Fun/Dramedy/Reality TV
Listen to Hip Hop/Urban
Listen to Acoustic/Indie Acoustic
Listen to Tension/Dark/True Crime
Listen to Hybrid/Epic Orchestra
Listen to Ethnic Flavour
Listen to Reflective/Hopefull/Piano
Listen to Southern Rock/Bluesy Flavour

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